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Debut of New Designs at the Night Markets

Well Dimsummers, it’s been another whirlwind of a summer. Hard to believe it’s September already!  Each season does have it’s own awesomeness but before we roll into Autumn, here's a look at the new designs that debuted at the night markets over the summer!

I'm stoked to have the opportunity to collaborate on a couple new designs: BAO BAE and DIM SUM JUNKIE with blogger extraordinaire Sonya Davidson AKA @theculturepearl.  I first met Sonya on Instagram when she showed interest in some DSC posts and eventually found out she is quite the prolific blogger, contributing regularly to several blogs such as, and  So with our common interests in all things Asian and cuisine, you know we just had to do a collab!

The first tank in the DSC collection and finally some DSC swag for the bao lovers out there, BAO BAE has a a double meaning where Bae is the trendy term for “babe” and when spoken in Mandarin, bao bae actually means precious. Makes perfect combo with the Char Siu Bao mini plushie I might add!
Check it out here.

Self-explanatory for all the Dimsummers out there.  Perfect to express your love of dim sum! Check it out here. As well, part proceeds of sales from these collab designs go towards World Vision’s ongoing efforts for the Nepal earthquake relief. 


And finally, the first designs of “My Little Dumplings” onesies series!  Here are baby designs of Siu Mai and Har Gow! Great to help keep your little dumplings snug and cozy.  Dimsummers really loved the green ones as they basically flew off the shelves (er table) at the markets with only one left in stock now.  Will have to see about restocking those but there are still the baby blue and pink available =) Check them out here.

As always, stay "tooned" for updates and new stuff coming down the line with some really exciting news coming soon! - JP


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