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They're here! Yummimals are in the shop!

The wait is over!  Yummimals Mystery Plushies have been released and are ready for adoption!  In collaboration with three other designers we've created a line of eight blind box plushies, two plushies each, that's inspired by our favourite foods and animal

Introducing the two plushies in the collection created by Dim Sum City!



Meet Lion Tart!

This Yummimal may be small but Lion Tart has a big heart! Lion Tart is both sweet and courageous being both an egg tart and a lion. Lion Tart loves to pounce around in the park and watch over the other Yummimals to make sure they stay safe as they play together. Lion Tart loves eating sweets, but only if they are not too sweet (good thing Lion Tart likes to stay active)!

Egg Tarts, the classic Dim Sum Dessert
Lion Tart is inspired by the classic dim sum dessert, egg tarts!  Egg tarts are made with flaky pastry or cookie crust and filled with egg custard. Really delicious treat that's mildly sweet so satisfying freshly baked!


Meet Sheepie Roll!
Sheepie Roll is part sheep and part Chinese sausage all rolled into one! Sheepie Roll is very nice and cuddly as Sheepie Roll’s “wool” is actually a steamed bun that is soft like a pillow! Sheepie Roll loves the outdoors, rolling around and grazing in the pasture. Sheepie Roll also loves the indoors on rainy days, staying dry and cozy playing rainy day games!
The classic dim sum, Chinese Sausage Roll

Sheepie Roll is inspired by another classic dim sum, Chinese sausage rolls! Chinese sausage rolls are made with Chinese sausage which contains preserved pork, roll inside a soft and fluffy bao.

Adopt your own Yummimals here! To see all the available characters and their stories go to!  


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