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You may recognize some of these Dimsummers

We're always very grateful to see pics and vids of awesome Dimsummers with their DSC swag and really appreciate that you take the time to show us some love!

So here's a post with some pics taken over time through social media and taken with us at our night market and festival booths.

As always, feel free to send us pics and vids of yourselves with your DSC swag and we'll feature them here.  

Seeing your smiles is what really makes what we do worthwhile!

Video of HK singer/actor Lam Fung 林峯
getting a Siu Mai plushie 
for his birthday 

Instagram from rapper/actor MC Jin of his Dim Sum plushies

Instagram from Carmen (NTDTV/OTGW)
with her Dim Sum plushies

Tweet from MoVernie (MOTM show on the PATH) with his Curry Fish Baller tee

DSC gals sporting Delicious Moments and a limited edition Steamed Fish v-neck tee

After Hours (Toronto a cappella group) all decked out in DSC swag

A Dimsummer showcasing the orange Steamed Fish tee and plushies at Night It Up night market

Instagram from Chef NinjaRonz of SomeGuys Culinary Co. rockin' the Rice Boy tee

A Dimsummer enjoying Delicious Moments in France.

A Dimsummer sporting Stinky Yet Delicious in France

First Dimsummer to nab the Curry Fish Baller tee at Taste of Asia

A Dimsummer rockin' the Stinky Yet Delicious tee

New Dim Sum plushie gift set owners from Dim Sum Fest.

Rice Girl and Noodle Girl Dimsummers from Dim Sum Fest.

Dragon Boater rockin' the Steamed Fish tee

Toronto Dragon Boat Race Dragon hanging out with Rice Girl and Noodle Girl

Dimsummers rockin' the Rice Boy and Noodle Girl tees at Chinatown Fest.

Thumbs up from this Dimsummer for his new Rice Boy tee.

Happy Dimsummer rockin' the Stinky Yet Delicious tee at the T&T Waterfront Night Market



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